Previously called 4Hun Block, 9 Block is the newest edition to the rap world. Eight members, each with their own style and rhythm, combine to perform rap distinctive to their own personal life experiences. This group, hailing from the Kansas City area, has the funk to get you hip-hoppin' and the beat to get you groovin'!

What follows is a little bit of information on all of the members in the group. This gives you the chance to learn a little more about them. Next time you are chilling, watching TV or playing about at CheekyBingo.com listening to their tunes, they will not just be a faceless group. We believe knowing a bit about them will make a difference to your listening pleasure. We hope you find the following interesting and entertaining.

Mr. Tat - 'Stay High' LISTEN NOW!
Born November 13, 1976, Mr. Tat is a native of Kansas City. He first performed in a talent show in December 1992 and has continued rapping ever since. He attributes his musical influences to Too Short, NWA and IceT.
Darnell Porter: D-Man - '21 Clips' LISTEN NOW!
Born December 27, 1972, D-Man is a resident of Kansas City, Kansas. While he first performed at Memorial Hall in Kansas City in October 1994, D-Man has also performed in the "Stay in School Project" and "Meet Me in the Middle." D-Man plays the drums, trombone and keyboard and loves rap, jazz and concert music.
9 Double M - 'Out On My Limb' LISTEN NOW!
Born August 21, 1975, 9 Double M is a resident of Kansas City, Kansas. 9 Double M, which he calls himself because he's "got a clip full of game ready to shoot on the world," started rapping when he was 16. One day, Red Dog (Ed Potts), CEO of 9 Block Records, heard 9 Double M rapping and signed him on a compilation called Midwest Mayhem, on which 9 Double M performed two songs. Other recordings by this rapper include "Dying in the City Streets," "Money to be Made," "Task Hit but They Missed," "Out on My Limbs," and "PO's be Hating." 9 Double M attributes his musical influences to "all the rappers that keep it real.".
LeJo - 'Sick'em Like A Pit' LISTEN NOW!
Born November 2, 1973, LeJo lives in Kansas City, Kansas with her mom, dad, sister, two brothers and her son. LeJo, whose first performance was at a local mall in 1990, loves rap and plays the saxophone. She attributes her musical influences to Tupac, DOC, Prince and Marvin Gaye.
Kevin Porter: K.P. - 'Shoot'em Up Murder' LISTEN NOW!
Born January 3, 1977, K.P. resides in Kansas City, Kansas with his mother and seven brothers and sisters. K.P., a name he got from the streets, also goes by Mr. Mean Mug because his homies say he's got a mean mug on his face every day. K.P. raps about what he sees and feels. He is disappointed at what the world has become today with all of the drugs and violence and uses rap to serve the pain he feels. K.P., who attributes his musical influence to his friends and family, performed for the first time in March 1998.
Keith Dismuke: K.D. - 'Shoot'em Up Murder' LISTEN NOW!
Born March 2, 1979, K.D. currently resides in Kansas City, Kansas. K.D. describes his musical style as rap with a twist because he can "take it slow, too." Currently, K.D. has taken on another name, Two Time, because he claims there are so many problems in his life, he needs two names. Although his first performance was in March 1998, K.D. has been rapping for quite a while. Due to his personal life experiences, which include jail time when he was 16, K.D. raps about things he has seen and can relate to.
Johnny L Sublett Jr. - 'Chopping Down Game' LISTEN NOW!
Born August 27, 1976, Johnny currently resides in Kansas City, Kansas. Johnny is the son of a church singer and a radio DJ. Johnny considers his style gansta rap, but he has also been influenced by reggae and other styles of music. His first performance was at the Northeast Creative center. He has also performed at the Rainbow Center and the National Guard Army. Johnny wrote his first song, "Ghetto Streets" at age sixteen, and attributes his musical influences to the Fat Boys, Curtis Blow, Run DMC and L.L. Cool J.
Richard Hampton - 'Who's The Realless' LISTEN NOW!
Born January 1, 1975, Richard currently resides in Kansas City, Kansas. Richard, who also goes by the name Lucky Luck, says he picked Lucky because of his New Years birthday and because every time he plays "some type of luck happens." Richard's first performance was at the Rainbow Center. He attributes his musical influences to Silk the Shocker, Eight Ball and Ice Cube among others.

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