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Antifreeze Self-Titled Debut Album
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1. She'll Learn
2. I Wanna Be Your Taxi Driver
3. First Choice
4. Dead End
5. Missing Link
6. Poor Boy
7. Parachute
8. I Cried (not)
9. What Should I Do
10. Enemy

words(Hietpas) music(Hietpas) age when written 17
--in memory of Jenny Baumann--

I've got a band, it's O.K.
I've got a girl, she steps on me
she always tells me, "everything alright"
she tells me I stand tall, I have all of the might

In my mind, I can see her face turn, when she's with all of her friends
she sets her trust on fire to burn, now she's taking a lesson, she will learn

I've got some friends, the're O.K
I've got a girl, i think she wants on me
she always tells my friends everythings alright
she tells her friends she wants me to F O D

i wanna know, why won't she do this to me?
i want her to learn, i want her to get rid of me
"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998

words(Hietpas) music(Hietpas) age when written 17
--in memory of Jenny Baumann--

Hello, you know my name, I'll be your taxi driver today
I'll take you anywhere you want to go and there will be no toll
what time do you get out of school? where you want is where I'll be
I'll meet you by the 21 doors, i'll be there at 3

can I pick you up from school? Ive got to talk to you
I wanna give you a ride, so I can be by your side, and I can take you home
If you want to leave, that's ok with me, but if you want to stay
you're always welcome aboard, for you alot of fuel I've stored
I wanna be your taxi cab driver today

my car, it's not a Lincoln, it's not a cadillac
but it drives down the road, and the seats go back
there is no stick-shift in the way, and I'll always let the radio play
so come on, walk strait, into my cab, there is nothing to push you away

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music(Hietpas) age when written 17
--in memory of Kim--

I met you just the other day, from you i stood far away
I didn't know what to say to you, nor I couldn't figure out what to do
I was friends with a friend of yours, I was dying to be yours
I just thought that I should say "goodbye" cuz I know I could never call you mine

I was dying to be your first choice
while i watched you hang around the other boys
when will the day come that we can fly away
I said we'll leave this stupid world today

You told me how you loved my voice, I was thinkin, baby you are my first choice
could i be good enough for you, or would all your friends call you a fool
then one day i sat down to play, i thought of all the words i wanted to say
I'll do anything for you, please tell me today, dream come true

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Rice) music(Hietpas)age when written 15
--Originally a faster Driveshaft song, Dead Ends lyrics were taken for a new Antifreeze song. I guess that I was feeling a little depressed when I wrote this song although I cannot rember exactly why, for it was almost five years ago.--

I once hit a dead end, between me and all of my friends
I really don't know what happened but I sure would like to know
I guess things just weren't going right, not keeping with the flow
beyond my comprehension, the hell if i know

round and round i go, where it stops, I wish I knew
My life is fading so fast, and my car is running out of gas
where did all the time go, i just don't know
yes you ought to tell me why I am at a dead end

You told me how easy it's been, just to play me like a fool
all my friends are leaving me, now you tell me you are too?
I've just been so rejected, now i am feeling so neglected
I'll just walk the streets tonight, try to find another paradise

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music(Hietpas) age when written 17
--in memory of Jenny Baumann--

I'm working from 9 until 5, I'm working just to stay alive
I don't know what's wrong with me
I have no clue what you are about to do, I have this thing and it's for you
and driving me insane

Last night I talked to you for a while, i was intrigued about your style
you hammered me away
I can't speak clearly I can't think, I thought I was the missing link,
that would put together the chain

I thought I was your missing link
but now I know I was so wrong
I thought I was your missing link

I'm working from 5 until 1, I'm working just to supply my lungs
with all the smoke they need
I have no clue when I am going to die, I hope it's when I'm really high
so I can jump the plane
this plane will take me to your heart someday so then I can be with you
In my own little way
but please tell me, some day that I can be with you, or kill the missing link

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music (Hietpas) age when written 16
--"this song was written on the thought of being homeless, or looking at girls in school with rich parents, who bought them anything"--

I saw you standing alone, so I said "Hi" with a groan
you told me to fuck off, so I just sat there and moaned
I tried to show you I cared, but you just sat there and stared
you showed me the finger, now I am scared of you

what can you do when you have no shoes,
what can you say, when you have no name
what can you be, when you are just like me
I am a poor boy to you, and I don't know what to do
I am a poor boy to you, can you tell me what to do

I am a poor boy to you, so can you tell me what to do
to prove my affection without a rejection, I wish I could get closer to you
I have no mouse, have no rat, I just live in a frat, the ceiling is leaking,
hell I am now thinking, I wish I could just be with you once for a weekend
"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music (Hietpas) age when written 15
--this song was written in anger toward all the Appleton high school kids that made a lot of fun out of Driveshaft, our first band and the older losers who thought they were so punk to throw shit at us at a shows because we were young--

I am sick of this stupid world telling me what to do
I wish I could have some time when I am all alone
I know you don't want to hear me sing this stupid song
but if you listen to my bullshit, you will learn something is wrong

I'm tired of walking down the line with the wrong pair of shoes
It's just like you jump without a parachute, you have nothing to lose
oh no

I am sick of standing in front of you, sweating off my balls
I wish we could be so good, like NoFX or ALL
I know you don't want to hear me playing my guitar
the only reason I know how to play is cuz i fucker named Lars

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music (Hietpas/Rice) age when written 16/17

this song was written about kurt cobain, and directed more to all the people who cried for years because of his stupid, careless act of dumbass I decided not to publish these lyrics for my own reasoning

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words(Hietpas) music (Hietpas) age when written 17
--this song was written in memory of my first love, Melissa Vanderpas, whos new boyfriend (after me) wanted to kick my ass after the song was written, he became friendly (wierd)--

I wish I could know, what's cooking in his brain
I wish I could figure out what makes him go insane
I wish I knew, what I (supposedly) did to you
I wish I could be that someone he wants me to be

even though it's been a long time since I talked to you
He just thinks on beating me, even though I have been true
and just because I was your first, he is your last
he doesn't have to be a big pain in the ass

What should I do your boyfriend wants to kick my ass
should I be afraid or not?
I have been up all night, and trying to figure out
why your boyfriend wants to kick my ass

I wish he would understand the way I feel about you,
then he'll realize, there is nothing he has to do
I wish he would have listened to what I had to say
that's why I wrote this song today (Nov 97)

and even though it's been a long time since I played with you
He just thinks the Louisville slugger will end our feud
and just because I wanted to repo my coat (that I left at your house)
he doesn't have to be the big bad wolf

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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words(Hietpas) music(Hietpas) age when written 17
--this song was written on thoughts of two faced users or supposed "friends" people who like you when you benefit them, and stab your ass when you turn away.
basically I wrote this song to anyone who needs to be warned of these people or "enemies" the second verse is about a hick named Bob "oats" who i once worked with, he was like this.--

I've got an enemy, he lives right down the street
last night he egged my house, and toilet papered my trees
this guy sucks at life, but he's good at pissing me off
I can never think of a way to tell him "that's enough"

there are a lot of enemies in this world
there is an enemy for everyone
If you don't believe me, you'll know it's true
when an enemy might pretend,
before you know, he's (she's) not your friend
you'll find out in the end

I've got an enemy who works with me everyday
he likes to talk a lot, he thinks he knows everything
he only shows respect when he is outta cigarettes
that way he can get them off of me

"proud a u music" (ASCAP) 1998
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