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Love Is Cold
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2. Is He Your Boyfriend
3. Satellite
4. Bankruptcy
5. Not the One
6. The Long Way
7. You Looked Away
8. Friend
9. The Ides
10. Cyber Sweetie
11. Fortune's Fool
12. Our Band

I want the most of what life can give to me
Only the best, a life extrordinairy
But you're so scared, you push you're doubts on me
you put me down, you call me ordinary

Too scared to take a chance yourself, ya critisize everything I do
though I may fail, well at least I tried
that's more than I can say for you, always ordinary
I don't care what ya think, I'm not ordinary

you know what's best, that's what you say to me
it's good advice, you're looking out for me
I'm not ordinary, I'm not like anyone else
I'll do what I want, I'll get what I need, I can take care of myself!
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Is He Your Boyfriend?
You were in the second row
I saw you at one of our shows
you were different then any other girl

I think it was the way that you smiled
when I sang or announced the song title
thoughts were spinning in my head
you & me, deep wishes, and denile

and I don't know why you looked at me
I thought you were thinking the same as me
when our set was done, I went to find my true love
but you were with the singer from the other band

I saw you holding his hand
yes, that guy from the other band
right then, I knew he was your boyfriend

I'll never understand
and if I did I wouldn't comprehend
why you gave me that look when I was up there singing in my own land

and I don't know why
why you turned away
I thought you were thinking the same as me

when I looked for you
I found you in his subaru
and you were kissing the singer
of the other band
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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and now I'm feeling like a satellite
I'm high up orbiting the earth
things are moving fast they don't feel right
I'll still be nice for what it's worth
I'm up high I can touch the stars
yet I'm underneath the ground
people driving look like matchbox cars
they don't even make a sound

I know you feel bad
I know you feel hurt
I know you want to cry
I know I'm a jerk
Things aren't so bad, even though they're wrong
maybe I was right to just say so long

now I'm feeling like a circus clown
I'm on stage for everyone
I'll make you happy when you feel down
though I never have the fun
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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I've never been so poor
I had bought something I can't afford
most people can relate with a new car
but this is of more value by far

it's not a material thing
it's not something I can easily explain
it's about her I could never forget
wondering daily how she got me in debt

Will she ever be my lass
and if she was, would she be my last
What a price I paid, fall in love with you

My credit is shot
hence, no worries, I've got what I want
don't need that '99 benz, I'll be happy

maybe someday
it'll go our way
with all this pain I have repayed,
Now I hope I can make her happy.
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Not the One
You are pretty I'll admit, but there is more to life
then superficial beauty, so you're not worth my time
just because of your looks, guys fall over you
but that won't be me, I have better things to do.

so I say, woh wah oh, you're not the one

you always wonder why, all the guys use you
and why they hang around, when you've had a few
time will take your beauty, but what will remain is
just an empty shell, if you never use your brain
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Long Way
what will I be?
If I continue to take this difficult way I chose to go
and if I drop out now, I lose everything, and everyone I've got to keep me

and I will be happy, i won't be sad
sometimes I think about the things I wish I had

I could have spent some time, and try to catch a flight
but I chose to take the bus, I'll get there right on time

I chose to take the long way
the harder the struggle, the greater the reward
I want my whopper my way
and I know it won't be right away

what should I say
when people ask me
what the hell i think i am gonna be
if i tell the truth
they think i am bragging
despite of all the progress that i've made
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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You Looked Away
I saw your face
first time, today
I lost my breath
didn't know what to say
you look like you just stepped from my fantasy
I caught my breath and I looked at you
with every step my heart breaks in two
I smiled at you, you looked at me

You looked away, didn't notice me
how I was crushed
what's wrong with me?
what can I do to make you notice me?
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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save it for someone who'll really make a difference
save it for someone who'll really understand
I know that you care for me, I know it's been a long time since
the first time that we touched our soft warm innocent sweet lips
the day that you cared for me was the day that you met yourself
in my heart, it is still there
I still think and wish that sometimes we should be together
but for one of us, it's never fair , yeah!

please don't ever fall apart
it was never all good from the start
I know I am not the better man
but I will always be your friend

save it for someone who really has a better chance
save it for someone who won't try to get in your pants
I know that you're scared of me I never had the chance to say
The guy you're with don't fucking love her!

I told you not to care and not to ever think about
if you don't want to be my friend
you hurt yourself, you fell but your heart was still intact
To call me up and cry, but now who's wrong? YEAH

I told you so... and I'm right
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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The Ides
When I look ahead I can't see clearly
Anchored all the time to things so near me
Always struggling with the urge to run away

Always try to move ahead succinctly
Can never see the future too distinctly
When did my hope, seem to lose its ray?

Steadfast as I go from day to day
Slowly my resolve just slips away

Looking back
I've been right on track
Come what may
Has brought me here today
Looking forward now
It's a long way down
It's no surprise
That I'm in the ides

Not including random flights of fancy
Optimism seems a bit too chancy
Hope seems just to scared to come around

So I go around and round now in this circular insanity
It's given from time to time now by the obstacles that 'counter me
It's hard to move ahead, buried underground
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Cyber Sweetie
Can someone tell me why this has to be
'can never see my punk rock babe, cuz she lives in Jersey
Foxi nicki was her name
I don't care what my friends say, they think I'm insane

she lives far away
she lives where Kid with Man Head plays.
'better live it up, cuz she lives so far away

she lives far away
that's ok, miles mean nothing to me,
I never seen her face,
it's ok, cuz I'm insane

better live it up,
and wonder if she thinks of me
she lives in jersey that's ok miles mean nothing to me

Every night I lay down, wondering, wondering
Why she hasn't mailed me, or giving me a ring
I become uptight, then I stay up all night
When you get a chance baby tell me, "you still love me," right?
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Fortune's Fool
Give me one chance
and I could make her mine
You are so cruel to give us both so little time
What is your plan?
to make me feel this way
when I'm content...
you take it all away

You show me how great life can be
Then you take all life's pleasure from me
You leave me all of my pain and my doubt
Just think about the cards you have handed me

Destiny, Please tell me
Why you play with my heart
Spare me this heartache bliss
Bring her to my arms and leave us alone
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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Our Band
Why does it have to be this way
Why do I have to cry
Every time I think we're ahead
Every thing starts to fall behind

After all this work we've done
We're still not anywhere
All we want is to rock your world
But hard work won't get us there

Don't you think that we could be
The next Grammy winners on MTV

We have two singers
that's two for all the girls and boys
but I guess were still outnumbered
if you count the Backstreet Boys
The hecklers always throw things at me
That is a source of dread
It's hard to sing
When a can of bud bounces of your head
C2000 "proud of you music" (ASCAP)
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