Taken from Jerry Mac's February 2000 Newsletter:

It is so great to be in this business and see young artists struggle to stay alive, and watch them go on and on when most would have given up. I had seen this young lady around Nashville for quite a while, but didnRt really get to know her until I started doing shows in the big room at Canyon Country, located on world famous 2nd Avenue in Music City.

If my memory serves me correctly, it was 1997. The club had two rooms with entertainment. In addition to the Big Room in the back, there was a smaller room up front that everyone had to pass through to get to the back. Donna Frost was doing a solo act, just her and her guitar, in that room prior to the show starting time in the Big Room. I use to get to my shows and set up early just so I could catch the act of this very talented young lady. I am certainly glad that our paths crossed. She is really busy doing a lot of things Snow a daysT. She has really done well. She is a perfect example of an Independent Country Artist. All should strive to be more like her. She never gave up, and now she is fulfilling a dream that so many of us have. She didnRt need a major label to get her album in some of the biggest record stores on Planet Earth. She did it Son her ownT. Her album is currently available for sale at Nashville and Chicago Tower Records, All Ernest Tubb Record Shops, Nashville, and Dr. Wax- all Chicago and Lexington, KY locations. Not bad for an Independent artist.


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