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Country Gospel
Released November 1999

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"The message of this album is quite clear," Jody said. "God has brought me higher than I've ever been!"

Jody MillerFeaturing 10 beautifully performed and thoughtfully written songs, "Higher" is Jody Miller's latest Gospel Album. The choice of music and the title for the album highlights her ever-growing blessings from God.

"Just about the time you feel you've reached that pinnacle, God gives you a new view of something He wants you to experience in your life for Him. If we can go through those times, then we've reached that pinnacle."

Cutting the album was especially fun for Jody. "My manager, Gary Miller, had heard about a little studio in Middlesboro, Kentucky, that had once been a church and was now turning out some mighty fine music ... the Church House Studio. In five days we cut one the best gospel recordings I had ever done," she said.

Higher"The musicians were local, some even had day jobs!" she laughed. "We had fun, they knew what to do. What an experience. I never will forget it."

Joining Jody on this album is Joel Keye, who plays guitar for Karen Peck. "He played on this session and added so much," Jody said. "He played Acoustic, electric and Bass, fiddle and mandolin on this session."

The album is available for sale exclusively on MacroMusic.

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    Song List
  1. My Name is Lazarus
  2. Oh I Want to See Him
  3. Two Glasses of Buttermilk
  4. If God is Dead, Who's This Living in My Soul
  5. Grandma's Song
  6. Higher Than I've Ever Been
  7. By Faith
  8. Jesus Will Outshine Them All
  9. Dusty Roads
  10. Jesus Never Said No

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