Latest Awards

A career that spans three decades is a rarity in the music business ... and Jody Miller has proven she's a rare treasure!

Since her Grammy Award in 1966, Jody has thrilled audiences and held a special place in people's hearts for her soulful voice and generosity.

Individuals and organizations continue to honor her and her achievements. To read more about her lifetime of awards, click over to her lifetime achievements page. This Latest Awards page will tell you about her most RECENT awards and honors!

ICGMA Top Album Award 1999

The International Country Gospel Music Association gave their Top Album Award in 1999 to Jody's patriotic album, "My Country."

The album, which is filled with all-time favorite American patriotic songs and some brand new pieces written specifically for Jody, is a tribute to the United States and to the soldiers who defends her.

In response to the honor, Jody said, "I hope they chose 'My Country' as Album of the Year because it was the best one around!

"Really, I think the Association awarded 'My Country' with such high praise because the music exemplifies the best of Country and Southern Gospel. It has great songs!" Jody said.

"There is a saying in the music business ... 'a good song don't care who sings it' ... which means that the song is what is most important, not the singer. This album is good because the songs on it are great!"

CGMG Entertainer of the Year 1999

The Country Gospel Music Guild honored Jody with their Entertainer of the Year Award in September 1999.

Jody said this honor means a great deal to her. "I have been in the music business for 35 years, and I remember when I would have been shot rather than get on stage, I was so frightened," she said.

"But now I can't wait to help people in my audience feel at ease, lighten up their lives, let them hear what I consider beautiful music written by God Himself."

CGMG's members are interested in or involved with Christian country music or other forms of gospel/Christian music through their careers, ministeries, or businesses. This is accomplished through education, encouragement through networking opportunities, providing resources, products, services, events and promotional opportunities, for the purpose of teaching and changing lives through the message of the music.

Jody is proud of her association with CGMC. The organization does a lot for Christian musicians by giving them the publicity and promotion for their careers and ministries that isn't usually available to smaller-niche musicians.

"CGMG is a wonderful tool I can use to promote my ministry," Jody said. "I want to send the world a message, and they help me and so many others do that. We are here to sing for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and they help us get that message out!"

Jody was nominated for the honor by fellow musicians in CGMG. Their nomination means a great deal to her. "I hope I received the nomination because I am an example of what a good entertainer should be ... honest!"

She enjoys helping other musicians and entertainers become better performers. "We are in this together," she said. "I want to make them feel we are one on one, on stage and off. I get along well with other entertainers, and showing them how to interact with an audience to give a great performance is something I love doing!"

"I have worked with such great entertainers in my career, and they taught me, so now I can teach others," she said.