Keith Neubauer was born on February 21, 1963 in San Antonio, TX. With a father who was a professional musician and an uncle who worked in radio and television, it's not surprising that Keith became interested in music, learning to play drums and keyboard. He cites Elton John, Paul McCartney and Michael W. Smith as his musical influences.

Keith played secular music professionally for 10 years, including a locally produced album entitled 'Ghostman' which sold very well. In 1993, however, he devoted his life to Jesus Christ. Two months later, he wrote his first Christian song. Keith says he has "...written many songs, but now the songs have more meaning."

Keith now lives in Alvin, TX, a suburb of Houston, with his children and his wife Teresa. Besides writing music, he serves as praise and Worship Minister at Bayrook Baptist Church in Friendswood, Texas.

Keith's contemporary Christian style is a combination of uplifting and flowing Christian rock blended with heart-felt ballads. Experience his joyful sound by listening to songs from his latest album Follow Me Home.

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