The Band

"Making feedback sound good." (The Blue Note calendar) is a good description of one of the many facets that comprise the sound of Phidget. Blending crunchy guitars, pounding drums, heavy bass, and strong melodies, the band has created a unique sound all their own.

It all began in September of 1996. Singer/guitarist Jay Linhardt, joined by drummer Leland Anderson and bassist Tammy Caton, quickly refined a set of original material and began gaining the respect of area venues and bands. This respect landed the opening slots for bands the likes of Frogpond, Pansy Division, Flipp, and The Stress Magnets.

In August of 97 Phidget released their first CD; a self-titled compilation featuring ten songs which immediately got radio play with the cuts "Farewell" and "Big Waste". The album, chuck full of dynamics and melody, has sold far above the expectation of the parties involved. The band attributes this to a good live show and an affordable price on the disk: only $11.99.

Phidget's second CD Drift, is available now!

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